many thanks to Tokyo Treat for sponsoring Spoon & Tamago this week!

Want to feel like you just went on a shopping spree at the local conbini? That’s how we felt when our latest Tokyo Treat snack box arrived at our doorstep. From sweet to salty, these curated boxes, which are meticulously assembled and filled to the brim, are an awesome way to sample everything that Japan’s snack-makers have to offer.

This month’s box was “sakura picnic,” a timely and welcome collection of cherry blossom-themed snacks, along with some familiar favorites. And we were impressed with how many snacks the team managed to squeeze into every corner of the box. We spread everything out on our table and dove in but in hindsight the box would have made a perfect picnic basket.

If you want bite into Japan each month from the comfort of your home, head over to Tokyo Treat and explore their options!