many thanks to Sakuraco for sponsoring Spoon & Tamago this week!

Just in time for cherry blossom season! We received a lovely delivery this weekend from Sakuraco: their cherry-blossom themed snack box, directly from Japan. And who knew Japan had so many sakura-flavored snacks.

Sakuraco is a subscription box company that delivers Japanese snack boxes all around the world. And they’re currently running a cherry blossom box, which turned out to be the perfect way to bring all the aromas and flavors of spring, into our home.

Sure, Japan is known for their deep appreciation for cherry blossoms. But from sakura castella cake and sakura leaf senbei to sakura warabimochi and sweet sakura tea, we had no idea there were so many cherry choices to choose from. And the combination of sweet and salty had us jumping back and forth between familiar favorites and new experiences.

Our only mistake was opening the box in front of our kids: the snacks were gone faster than the cherry blossoms. If you want to bring a slice of seasonal Japan into your home, check out Sakuraco’s offerings!