Blue Bottle Coffee has opened a cafe at Tsujimura Bicycle Shop, a shop in Kyoto frequented by locals and bicycle enthusiasts for a hundred years.

Designed by Schemata Architects, the shop occupies part of the first floor and the entire second floor of the building.

“Originally known as one of the most traditional machiya (townhouse) in the area, characteristic elements including mushiko-mado (meaning “insect cage window” or window with an extra-fine lattice), wooden sliding doors, and handrails made of Kitayama cedar have been preserved. Our idea was to create a shop that interacts and co-exists with the community, while preserving these elements.”

Here’s the location in Google Maps.

A glass partition marks the boundary between the cafe and the bicycle shop, and people in the cafe can see the bicycle shop across the cafe counter. Wide openings along the exterior perimeter seamlessly connect the cafe with the neighborhood.