So, now you know almost everything there is to know about Japanese trains. There’s just one thing left to do: go trainspotting. But of course we all don’t have the time and resources to visit individual lines. So here are some of the best spots in Tokyo to see different trains at once. They’re all easily accessible and don’t even require you to enter any stations.

1. Nippori

Start at Nippori Station. Walk over Shimogoinden Bridge (just outside the North exit) where you’ll find one of the busiest train crossings in all of Japan. You’ll be able to catch top-down glimpses of the Keihin Tohoku Line, the Hayate-komachi Shinkansen, the Takasaki Line and the Joban Line all at once if you’re lucky (and if you go during rush hour).

2. Shinjuku

There’s a wooden deck just outside of Tokyu Hands department store – a perfect spot to watch the trains go by.

3. Ichigaya

Walk north from Ichigaya station towards Iidabashi Station. Along the way you’ll come across Shinmitsuke Bridge where you’ll find the colorful orange Chuo Line and yellow Sobu Line doing a little dance together.

trainspotting-Ichigayaphoto via

4. Yurakucho

Just outside Yurakucho Station is a secret garden that’s just perfect for train-spotting. On the 3rd floor of the Kotsu Kaikan is Coline, a wooden patio (free of charge) where you can go out and watch the Shinkansen bullet train. trainspotting-Yurakuchophoto via

5. Oosaki

Walk north for just a bit and you’ll have great views of the Yamanote Line, Nanboku Shinjuku Line and the rarer Narita Express.

This post is part of week-long series on trains in Japan. The complete series can be found here.