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Maison Owl is a Cave-Like Restaurant in Yamaguchi Designed by Junya Ishigami

Gunkanjima from Above: Exploring What Was Once the World’s Most-Densely Populated City

Hitokotonushi Shrine in Ibaraki Hosts Summertime Honey Bee Oasis

The Tottori Museum Invited Visitors to See Their Tyrannosaurus Exhibition, Dressed Up as Tyrannosauruses

New Illustrations of the Ghibli Theme Park, Set to Open in Fall 2022

Exploring Japan’s Historical Landmarks and Shrines in the Middle of Streets

Sleep Alongside Art & History at the New Goemon House in Hiroshima

Hachio Gin: a New Craft Gin Produced in Tokyo’s Western Suburbs

The Renovated Matsumoto Jujo Hotel Features a Public Bath House Turned into a Library

This 360-Degree Panoramic Zen Wellness Center is Opening on Awaji Island

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