Apple slices, onion slivers and stems. These are all foods commonly found in almost any house. So common, in fact, that we don’t see them as anything else. But designers Yusuke Komatsu and Yukitoshi Toda saw them as something else: a gift of beauty from mother nature herself. The duo decided to replicate these forms from pure brass, and finishing them off with a distressed look. There’s certainly something humorous about elevating something that normally gets thrown out in the trash.

apple slice paperweight

The resulting series of brass household objects were named “cut piece.” They feature an apple slice paper/book weight, onion slivers as trivets and chopstick holders, lotus root as bottle opener, and stems as picks for eating diced cheese or fruit. The pieces are available at the Spoon & Tamago shop.

onion sliver chopstick rests

lotus root bottle openers