Camakuruma: The Igloo-Inspired Camping Car

I’ve never really seen the appeal of RVs or camping cars but this Camakuruma is making me take a second look. A combination of the Japanese words kamakura (igloo) and kuruma (car) the new concept car was developed jointly by a number of companies including Toyota and Hoshino Resorts, who want to allow skiers to rent the vehicles and park them right by the slopes to allow easier access than ever.

Designed by Nippon Design Center, the interiors are are cute and cozy. Inspired by igloos, they’re intended to build anticipation and excitement before even arriving at the slopes. The designers collaborated with Toyota and their 2.5D printing technique, which essentially consists of multiple layers of ink printed on various flat and rigid surfaces, to create igloo-like surfaces inside the vehicle.

One drawback for me personally is that after a long day on the slopes there’s nothing better than relaxing in an onsen. But perhaps visitors will still be able to utilize Hoshino Resorts’ facilities before returning to their camping car.

No word on when these concept cars will become available but you can read more about them here (Japanese only).


  1. Can we set on fire all the engineering departments and their deployments, graduates, for the last 50 years.US doesn’t get people friendly design…only bigger and ostentatious!(better write…just kidding on the fire lament)…?

  2. How much do these cost to buy the vehicle? I’d really appreciate just a guess for the basic model. It’s hard for me to get out I have a morphine pump that’s not giving enough at the moment so I’m in bad pain. But I still keep dreaming that someday I can travel around the US.

    • Hi Mia – my guess is that these would cost around $30,000 – $40,000 usd. Of course actually getting your hands on one will be a different story as it’s still a concept car.

  3. Where can I buy one?

  4. Laura Hennessy Briese

    February 6, 2022 at 2:27 pm

    Very cool I like it place me on the waiting list for one.

  5. I so want one of these!!

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