Can You Identify These Ghibli Films Only By Their Color Palette?

ghibli film color palette

Ponyo takes place by the sea and underwater, which explains the predominantly blue hues

Hayao Miyazaki is known for using watercolors to create his art to achieve his specific visual style. And uf you’ve ever seen a Ghibli film genga (a term that literally means “original image” but refers to the refined key frame images created by the film’s animators) one thing that will immediately pop out at you is the rich, lush colors. But it’s easy to forget Miyazaki’s masterful use of color because the films themselves are so engrossing.

totoro genga

a genga from the film My Neighbor Totoro

ghibli film color paletteArtist Hyo Taek Kim has created a series of posters that distill each Ghibli film into color palettes. Each of the works are titled with their corresponding films, so trying to identify them is difficult unless you hide the titles. But it’s still fun to see the color breakdown of these great films.

Kim is a Brazilian Korean American artist who takes inspiration from the graffiti scene in São Paulo, abundant wildlife in Brazil and Asian painting techniques from his father. He explains on his site that when growing up some of his favorite films were created by Miyazaki. The series is called “The colors of” and they are available as prints for $15.

ghibli film color palette ghibli film color palette  ghibli film color palette    ghibli film color palette ghibli film color palette


  1. a little hard to guess since they put the names with huge letters on top of each one:(

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