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The Impressionistic, Pointillism Animation of Honami Yano

Multiple Panels Form Collaged Portraits Painted by Kotaro Hoshiyama

Tracing the Footsteps of Traveling Ukiyoe Artist Kawase Hasui

An Indonesian Forest is Erased Away in a Time-Based Painting by Kei Imazu

Get Lost in the World of Manga Artist Jiro Taniguchi

DesignArt Tokyo 2021 is Transforming the Metropolis into a Museum

Yuta Okuda Combines Blotches of Paint with Delicate Lines to Create Colorful Bouquets

Real Life Tokyo Streets and Manga Merge in Milestone Campaign for ‘KochiKame’

Mythical Creatures from Ukiyoe Turned into Collectible Plushies

Japan’s Rice Art Festivals of 2021

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