Kei Endo Creates Highly Accurate and Detailed Survey Drawings of Japanese Hotel Rooms

Kei Endo is an accomplished architect and draughtswoman. And she also enjoys staying at hotels, which was the beginning of a wonderful side-hustle that brought together the best of both her worlds. Endo reports on the hotels she stays in through detailed, accurate and colorful survey drawings that capture everything from room measurements and layouts to color palettes and amenities.

Hotel rooms can sometimes just be a place to rest your tired body. But these illustrations by Kei Endo make us appreciate the finer details of each room, and how unique they all are. The way the light hits the furniture, the dimensions of all the objects; I don’t think we’ll ever be able to look at a hotel room the same ever again. Not being able to travel, these drawings really pull on our heartstrings. But they also inspire us to look forward to our next trip!

You can keep up with Kei Endo on Twitter or Instagram but the architect and draughtswoman also has a Youtube channel called Draw with KEI that shows the process of each drawing and encourages viewers to draw along.

the hotel siro in Ikebukuro, which we’ve written about!

the Landabout hotel in Uguisudani, which we’ve also written about!

the Trunk Hotel in Shibuya, which we’ve also written about!


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  2. I could be wrong but I believe Kei is a man.

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