Mirit Weinstock is an artist and designer living in Tokyo, specializing in Japanese crafts and working in a variety of mediums. The creative director and founder of “Mirit Weinstock” jewelry brand, the artist is steeped in the Japanese crafts of ikebana floral arrangement, washi paper as well as ceramics. As a result of her love for Japanese arts, Mirit has been giving private daily art tours since Japan re-opened its borders in October 2022.

Mirit will guide you through Tokyo’s galleries and museums, selected exhibitions, shops, crafts workshops and secret places that only locals know. She tailors the tours according to your interests and Tokyo’s art scene. “Exhibitions in small galleries in Tokyo change so rapidly”, she explains, “sometimes they last only for a week or even a weekend. I know the artists, curators, and gallery owners personally and can craft a private tour to those spots that are very hard to find as a tourist”.

Mirit’s art tours are rich in knowledge and inspiration. In some cases, they include craft workshops with the masters she studies with and a personal meeting with the artists at their exhibitions. As she guides the tour, she provides in-depth explanations about contemporary art and design in the context of Japanese tradition and culture. Each tour is special and no two tours are alike.

“I spent a day with Mirit Weinstock, a jewelry designer and artist who lives in Tokyo. Mirit knows the art scene in Tokyo. She gave me a private tour exploring galleries, exhibitions, and off the beaten track art spaces. A most enjoyable and inspiring day!”

Sharon Shine, an art lover visiting Japan for the fourth time.

“I just love the stunning fusion between the traditional and the modern in Japan”, says Mirit, “and am so happy and excited to share my knowledge and passion.”

Tour are available from 1 – 6 people and price varies depending on the number of participants. For further details and booking a tour please write to Mirit mirit@miritweinstock.com or visit her website: Tokyo Here & Now art and design tours.

“Tokyo Here & Now” English Art and Design written City Guide

Mirit also composed a written guide of Tokyo through art and design, containing around 30 recommended locations: galleries, museums, shops, craft workshops, flea markets and other personal favorites. Each chapter focuses on one district and includes tips on all the top spots to visit, with an emphasis on hidden gems known only to locals, and the latest and freshest places opened in Tokyo during the pandemic.

You will receive a downloadable PDF by email containing descriptions and practical details: opening hours, addresses, directions, and websites links for each of the recommended spots. With this guide, you can independently enjoy Tokyo and experience its art & design scene to the fullest!