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The Playable Poetry of Zeni Tainaka

Past, Present and Future of Tokyo on Full Display in World’s Largest Architectural Projection-Mapping

HIDARI: An Epic Wooden Puppet Samurai Stop-Motion Film

Mai Suzuki Proposes New Applications For Traditional Kumiko

Rendered Video by Sho Ito Pays Tribute to the Nakagin Capsule Tower

Cafe in Koenji is Only For Writers Working on a Deadline

Wander the Night Japan: An Ambient Soundscape Project on Vinyl Record and Photobook

Japanese Researcher Publishes Study on Quality of Sleep When Pet Cats Choose Location of Slumber

Edo’s Eco Life for Today: Part 2 – Food Culture in the Edo Era

Japan’s Edo-Era Concept of Mottainai and How We Can Use it to Make a Positive Impact Today

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