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Mai Suzuki Proposes New Applications For Traditional Kumiko

Rendered Video by Sho Ito Pays Tribute to the Nakagin Capsule Tower

Cafe in Koenji is Only For Writers Working on a Deadline

Wander the Night Japan: An Ambient Soundscape Project on Vinyl Record and Photobook

Japanese Researcher Publishes Study on Quality of Sleep When Pet Cats Choose Location of Slumber

Edo’s Eco Life for Today: Part 2 – Food Culture in the Edo Era

Japan’s Edo-Era Concept of Mottainai and How We Can Use it to Make a Positive Impact Today

Tour Japan’s Odawara Castle and Experience the Fuma Ninja Clan Entirely Online

Giant Kitty Now Greets Commuters at Shinjuku Station

Incredible Ad for Pocari Sweat, Shot in a Long, Motorized Set

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