Cafe in Koenji is Only For Writers Working on a Deadline

Are you a writer working towards a hard deadline but having trouble getting work done? Then the Manuscript Writing Cafe is your new best friend. Located in Koenji and run by a team of writers, the cafe is solely dedicated to other writers working on deadline. But beware, once you enter they will not let you leave until your work is done.

The Manuscript Writing Cafe is a 5 min walk from Koenji Station

There are several rules that patrons must obey when entering the Manuscript Writing Cafe. First, you must notify staff of the number of words you need to write, and by when. Every hour, the manager will come and check in on you. You can choose what tone of voice you would like to have the check-ins: “mild, normal or hard.”

Rates begin at 150 yen for the first 30 min and are 300 yen for every hour. If you’re there for 6 hours, that would be 1800 yen. However, if you haven’t finished the work you declared upon entering, the staff will not let you pay. And if you can’t pay, you can’t leave. Unless of course you’d like to become a criminal.

The no-frills cafe has basics like charging stations, WiFi and beverages, allowing you to focus and get your work done.

Rule 2: The manager will check-in on you every hour | Rule 3: You cannot leave until you finish writing

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  1. On the one hand it’s an excellent way to stay focused!
    On the other hand: imagine having writer’s block in this cafe! What do you do? Fake a seizure, so they call an ambulance ? (or do you wait untill closing time ?)

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