CC4441 | a new gallery space in Tokyo made from stacked shipping containers

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Last month, on a nondescript corner of the backstreets of Torigoe, Tokyo, a large, black shipping container appeared, stacked on top of another shipping container. The doors were flung open, revealing white walls that made it clear the crates weren’t for storage. Rather, they were for the new gallery and office space CC4441. Designed by architect Tomokazu Hayakawa, the top shipping container, or C-TWO is an office space. Meanwhile, the bottom shipping container (C-ONE), has been sliced in half and angled. This not only supports the top crate but it also creates a small courtyard that divides the two spaces below.

Although brand new (a website is on the way but for now they only have a FB page), CC4441 plans to host art exhibitions and become a hub for art and design in their neighborhood, which is increasingly becoming a popular art scene.

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  1. Cool. Reminds me of something I recently saw in NYC. A couple built their own apartment out of 4 shipping containers, right in the middle of the city.

  2. thank you for your interest in our project.

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