Cheat Sheets | Tokyo Metro Map Printed on the Back of Neckties


Here is a picture of Tokyo’s complex underground metro system. And here is another perspective. As you can see, it’s arguably one of the most complex in the world. Even seasoned straphangers need the occasional cheat sheet to get them through a full day of business meetings all around Tokyo.

Enter the Tokyo Metro Map Necktie, a seemingly simple print but with the metro map printed on the inside. It’s manufactured by ARA, a Tokyo-based maker of men’s ties and comes in a Tokyo and Osaka version. Never get lost again!



k2143481290source: rocketnews24

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  1. I’d like to thank Spoon and Tamago for all the past year’s wonderful posts and wish you all a very haaappy New Year! And also start your year with a tie joke.
    A man is in the desert dying of thirst, meets
    a guy and asks him for water. The guy says, “I don’t have water but I can give you a tie.” “I don’t want a tie I need water I’m dying of thirst. Guy continues crawling and comes to a restaurant, asks for water and is told, “Sorry, you must have a tie to come in here.”

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