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The photographer Sohei Nishino (previously) spends months on a single work. That’s because it’s never just 1 photograph. On the contrary, it’s tens of thousands of photographs – contact sheets, to be exact – that he’s taken walking up and down every nook and cranny of the city. They’re what he calls “Diorama Maps” and they’re “not a precise google map, but presents the key elements of the city in a form closer to my own memory and observation.”

That’s why it’s worth taking note when the artist unveils new work. His latest map is of the city of Bern, Switzerland, where he spent almost the first 6 months of 2012 taking pictures. His map is currently on display at the festival des arts visuels de vevey through September 30.

In the artist’s own words:

The creation of a Diorama Map takes the following method; Walking around the chosen city on foot; shooting from various location with film; pasting and arranging of the re-imagined city from my memory as layered icons of the city.

source: artist’s website