When it snows it blossoms | crowd-sourced images of cherry blossoms blanketed with snow

It’s not every day you get to see cherry blossoms AND snow. But residents of Nagano prefecture were in for a surprise yesterday when their spring cherry blossom season was interrupted by a snowfall. But every snow cloud has a silver lining. The collaboration between flower and snow created a magical winter wonderland that twitter users were quick to capture on their phones. Here are a few images:


photo by Jordy Meow. Image was altered using infrared photography


Photo by @inu_tsugura | click to enlarge


Photo by @ruirui8181 | click to enlarge


Photo by @inu_tsugura | click to enlarge


  1. This is the nicest collection of these I’ve seen! I’ve been wondering, though, about that first picture, though. It looks like someone did a little midnight photoshopping – all the cherry trees are white, and all the conifers and roofs are pink. o_O

  2. Pretty sure the first one is shot with IR film.

  3. Ah, duh. That would explain it. >_< I forget there are still non-digital methods out there! Thanks for the hit with the enlightenment stick.

  4. me so gullible. I thought it was real but yea, that pinkish roof definitely looks off. Isn’t there some website you can run pictures through and it will tell you how it’s been altered?

  5. You can still get that with digital IR, just some messing around with White Balance.

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