GOCHI kids wear SS2010 2

GOCHI kids wear SS2010 4

Chigo, the proprietors of chic wooden toys for kids, recently announced the launch of  Gochi – a new collection of stylish clothing for boys. Their Spring/Summer 2010 collection includes these fun t-shirts (3,990 yen) and other minimal basics. Although not part of the collection, I really like these bicycle print onesies and t-shirts as well (also 3,990 yen).

chigo onesie bike print

chigo tee bike print

And how funny are these ‘shrooms made from leftover fabric from all their recent creations? I’ve always thought mushrooms would make awesome baby toys but that little voice from the outside world that keeps my self-assessments in check prevented me from tossing one down from the counter….until now.

chigo mushrooms   GOCHI kids wear SS2010 3