Children of Duchamp by Nobutaka Aozaki

“Art is not there to be understood,” said Marcel Duchamp, in a 1968 interview that aired on the BBC just before his death. This prompted English artist Grayson Perry to proclaim: “We are all the children of Duchamp now.”

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In a further exploration into whether artists are best represented by their words or works, Brooklyn-based Japanese artist Nobutaka Aozaki created a series titled “Children of Duchamp.” In a contemporary interpretation of the Dadaist’s philosophy, Aozaki created variations of Duchamp’s famous Bicycle Wheel using readymade/ pre-manufactured products like IKEA furniture, Playmobile toys and Barbie doll packaging.

“In this project I pay attention to technical aspects of Readymade such as artistic labor versus productive labor, educational instructable art making, and displacement of artist’s identity,” says Aozaki.

(happy birthday Mr Duchamp)

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  1. Enjoyed the Duchamp interview. I think Open Culture would like to post it.

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