In all aspects of Japanese culture (art, cuisine, etc.) there is a special emphasis on the material that is used. That is why many of the pictures I’m about to post consist of products made from durable, child-friendly materials, and is one of the reasons that I absolutly LOVE these products from Japan.

Wood Artisan Set available at Rakuten
For all those future handymen!

syokunin_3.jpg syokunin_1.jpg

“Maze” Bookshlef available from Rakuten
I would have loved to have such a fun bookshelf!

maze2.jpg maze1.jpg

Carota furniture available at boo-hoo-woo
What can I say…. so so so cute!

carota2.jpg carota1.jpg

Cob Stool available at Kagiroi
Set of wooden stools that can be arranged according to your needs. Toddlers can use them as a chair and desk or they can even be arranged as a display.

cob_stool2.jpg cob_stool1.jpg

Take Furniture series available at Rakuten
Adorable chairs and desks made from bamboo!

take-series3.jpg take-series2.jpg take-series1.jpg