Argh. It’s already the end of the week! I started this children’s gift guide in an attempt to cover several categories of countries but I don’t want it to spill over into next week…. SO, an apology to those countries that are getting grouped together, but I’m going to have to consolidate. So here are some toys from France, Scandinavia, and the U.S.

Permis de construire is a foam couch that will challenge your child’s imagination!
Available at Domeau & Peres


Dutch designer Richard Hutten has created some fantastic products for children!
richard-hutten_thing3.jpg richard-hutten_3-minus-1.jpg richard-hutten_dombo.jpg

Manhattan based Yoya Shop has some “unique” children’s toys, to say the least.
lg_hopscotch.jpg lg_carina.jpg

Kidonyc is also a great resource for parents looking for that special gift out of the ordinary!
samaramobile.jpg 287vanstabilem.jpg