images courtesy of Yasushi Jona | click to enlarge

Didn’t you hear? Ancient is the new vintage.

That’s the idea behind these poetic pieces of jewelry by designer Yasushi Jona. The line of jewelry, which is simply titled Jona, was carefully crafted to give the impression that they were something recovered from the shipwreck of a Spanish galleon. I hate using the term wabi-sabi, because it feels so clichéd and dwelling on it leads too easily to predictable and overly-simplistic interpretations of Japanese culture. But these pieces are a nice representation of the concept.

Yasushi Jona first got his start in jewelry as a designer for Pola Chemical Industries’ design laboratory. After teaching jewelry design for several years he emerged as a freelance designer in 2005. His pieces are available at, among other stores, the Osaka-based select shop Toi.

via colossal