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As you probably know, Tokyo Designer’s Week closed on Wednesday, marking the end of another successful showing. Although we were stranded here in NYC and weren’t able to be there physically, we did manage to send a correspondent there to cover the event. Dustin Malstrom, creative Director of ReMade – an architectural and design studio now based in Japan – was kind enough to scoop out the event and send us some pictures.

But before we continue on, I have to point out how much I love their logo. And while I look forward to seeing the new ideas that come out of Sapporo Design Week each year, I’m so happy that they found a nice clean logo, designed by Micha Weidmann, and stuck with it, making simple subtle modifications each year.

All images courtesy of Dustin Malstrom

杉をつかう | “Use Sugi,” a line of beautifully knotted furniture made from sugi (cypress).

Work by Brent Comber

“Lily Lamp” by Vibeke Skar

Suzumo Chochin collection by Mic Itaya

“In the sky” by Koichi Futatsumata (part of edition horizontal, a side project of his). Surrounding it is the beautiful and geometric installation by Ryuji Nakamura.

Marutani-yaki ceramics by Jaime Hayon

Holly-hallucinatory video projections within the TDA Dome.

Tokyo あれこれ

Tokyo Midtown Award 2010グランプリは草の上で勉強できるシート。



Martin BAAS氏の作品。その巨大さに圧倒される。


analog digital clock

TED NOTEN氏のブタの指輪と自分の指輪を交換するアート。



Jaime Hayon

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