YESTERDAY’S POST ABOUT Saatchi & Saatchi‘s Creative Director Simon Wooler sparked my curiosity. I did a little research, one thing lead to another, and I found these fun series of works that were actually nominated for a 2007 Scandinavian Advertising Award.

The advertisement was for Sprite Zero and these fun and creative folding adds work cleverly with the advertisement’s catch phrase, “NO SUGAR, NO BULL ***T.” Click on the left icon to see what the entire page looks like and then click on the right icon to reveal what it looks like after the fold:

       BEFORE                                             AFTER

1beforehtefold.jpg                        1afterthefold.jpg

       BEFORE                                           AFTER

3beforethefold.jpg                        3afterthefold.jpg

        BEFORE                                          AFTER

4beforetheclose.jpg                        4afterthefold.jpg