Daisy Balloon show at Sunday Issue

Rie Hosokai, who made a name for herself by bending balloons, and consequently goes by the name of Daisy Balloon, is having a solo exhibition at Sunday Issue, an art/lounge space in Shibuya. The show will run from August 21st to September 5th. Daisy plans to unveil a spectrum of new work under the art direction of frequent collaborator Takashi Kawada of kotenhits.

Sunday Issue
Tue – Fri : 13:00 – 24:00
Sat, Sun : 12:00 – 19:00
Mon : Closed

Daisy Balloon
Rie Hosokai (Daisy) started balloon art in 2002 and went on to reign supreme in almost every balloon folding exhibition she entered. She garnered the attention of the art community with her haute couture dresses made from balloons.



  1. Unbelievable!
    What an incredible idea… The blog is very inspirational too…Thank you!

  2. Thank you Marion! Hope you are having a great weekend.

  3. not only a great balloon artist but also an amazing woman, friendly and full of charm.

    Asi Cohen

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