The exhibition Design contre Design (Design vs. Design), held at the Galeries nationales du Grand Palais closed last week after 5 successful months of showing. The exhibition, which takes a humorous look at the past 200 years of design, was sure to have left any visitor with questions such as, where is design headed in the future? What does “design” mean? Are we slowly becoming detached from design and moving towards “hip”? 
The show did not answer any questions. It merely provided a stage for thought by exhibiting numerous pieces of work that seemed to poke fun at the idea of “design.” poolsandpouf.jpgPools & Pouf by Robert Stadler, 2004  porcamiseria.jpgPorca Miseria by Ingo Maurer, 2005   designcontredesign2.jpg(From left to right)Commode, Chest of Drawers by Remy Tejo, 1991Banc Iceberg by Zaha Hadid, 2003Table Cinderella by Jeroen Verhoeven, 2005