The Phones, oh the phones

I hate to have to do this, but yes the iPhone/ iPod Touch is beautiful, adorable, exquisite, etc etc. But believe it or not, there was one other phone that I adored in 2007…and you know what, in terms of aesthetics I may even like it better than Apple`s product. I am speaking of 6th installment of Japanese cell phone maker au`s design project; the media skin. The phone was designed by enigmatic industrial designer Tokujin Yoshioka, who, by the way, displayed an impressive installation at Design Miami. If you’re interested, Dezeen has an interesting interview with the artist. Anyway, back to the phone! the exterior is coated using fine particulates that are used in make-up, giving it a unique matte finish which I absolutely love! And lets not forget to mention the great contrast between the smokey screen and the actual colors of the phone.