Detailed Dragonball Fan Art Created by Ah Leung


“Son Goku” (2016) by Ah Leung | all photos courtesy the artist

Hong Kong-based illustrator Ah Leung has created a fantastic tribute to Dragonball, one of the most iconic Japanese comics of the 1980s and 90s. The single drawing features the child-version of protagonist Son Goku, in which the character is filled in, in excruciating detail, with other characters from the series.


True fans of Dragonball will recognize the various details that make up Son Goku as actual scenes from the comic. One of the spikes of hair is completed by the scene when Goku defeats King Piccolo by flying through him. Goku’s eyeballs are part of a scene from when he’s training with the cat deity Korin.

Filling in larger objects with smaller ones is Leung’s signature style and the artist’s Instagram account is filled with similar drawings of animals, characters and places.  In a video below, Leung shares some of the details added to the masterpiece.




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  1. Do you have any copies of this drawing for sale?

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