En-gi green furniture by mono goen

“The earth and tree” | inspired by the song Under the spreading chestnut tree. Beneath the tree, within it’s roots, lies a town of oddities and fun items.

Wow – mono°goen° just released their latest line of products en-gi (en°木), a series of hybrid-plant furniture inspired by storytelling. Each piece contains a living plant that grows, perpetually changing the look of the furniture. Each piece is also based on a concept, or a story, if you will, created by art director Chie Morimoto. Really fun and playful work!

“Sky and a tree” | based on a short story about a lake, the sun and trees. The sky is reflected onto the lake, inviting the rare appearance of a rainbow.

“In the woods” | based on a short story about two trees that offer views of both the mountains and the sea.

Formed last year, mono°goen° is a collaboration between art director Chie Morimoto, sculptor Yuji Kamioka and designer Ji-Lin Hsu. All of the furniture (185,000 – 385,000 yen) is made-to-order.

source: Chie Morimoto’s monthly newsletter (PDF)


  1. I love this concept art/furniture. Great way to teach our kids that nature is part of our lives. And it’s practical to boot!

  2. absolutely brilliant, i liked your work its unique n beautiful too.

    good work folks

  3. ok, how do you water and fertilize the tree and re-pot it when it gets root bound? Do circular pieces come apart for this task? And, if you are a non-green thumb, what do you do if you kill your tree? Pitch the furniture? Interesting concept though!

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