Yachiyodo is a 110-year old snack-maker based in Osaka. And for the past 80 years they’ve made just one thing: marshmallows. But business hasn’t been sweet. Japan has a fairly saturated snack market and despite the company’s diverse line-up of shapes and sizes, the campfire-friendly confections are still considered 2nd or even 3rd tier snacks. But an unlikely marshmallow–the fishmallow–has proven to be a surprise hit product.

Fishmallows are simply fish-shaped marshmallows. And their popularity can largely be attributed to a resurgence in outdoor barbecues and camping activities in Japan where fish are a common grill item. So the fishmallows, which are made specifically in a way that gives them that beautiful char, were a natural fit.

Fishmallows are sold in sets of 4 and retail for 880 yen (about $7.50 usd).