Plans Unveiled For the New Tsukiji Fish Market

tsukiji fish market new building 2

renderings of the new “Tsukiji Uogashi” fish market set to open in November of 2016

The changing face of Tokyo continues, and perhaps always will. But for a particular group of epicureans – and a wider group of tourists – the upcoming relocation of Tsukiji Outer Market represents one of the more drastic changes Tokyo has seen in recent years. And now we have glimpses of what the future holds: a name and rendering of the new fish market, set to open in 2016.

tsukiji fish market new building 3

Left: the new entrance on Harumi Dori | Right: the new interior

After a public call-for-entries earlier this year, a committee selected “Tsukiji Uogashi” (築地魚河岸) as the official name of the new facility. While maintaining the original “Tsukiji,” the name adopts the word “Uogashi” which literally means fish river, but has traditionally been used to mean a fish market that’s located next to a body of water.

tsukiji fish market new building

However, a look at the initial renderings of the new 2-story building make us think that the architects aren’t really going for “traditional.” The shiny new facility looks more like a public library, or a school campus. It’s hard to see how any of Tsukiji’s old-world charm will be maintained in such sparkling, shiny headquarters.

The transition will take place almost seamlessly with the old location closing in November of 2016 and the new Tsukiji Uogashi opening just several days later giving the 61 tenants time to move.



  1. To somebody not living in Japan it seems insane to me that taking away something that is 80 years old and is full of the charm, history and culture that the rest of the world WANTS to see when they go to Japan seems like a good idea as a “facelift” for Tokyo just for the Olympics. Every major city in the world has giant, modern buildings full of stairs and glass and metal.

  2. Maybe it’s getting a facelift to keep the tourists out.

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