From Nowhere to Somewhere

Although I’m not exactly sure how it happened, that article I wrote on the Nowhere Resorts was the most popular, making me the winner of Battle of the Bloggers! My prize is a 2-night stay at one of Kiwi Collection’s hotels so, ironically, writing about “Nowhere” got me somewhere!

As you can imagine,  living in NYC with 2 kids (age 1 and 3) has given us very little vacation time. So this really means a lot to us. Thank you to everyone who read the article and to everyone who passed it on! And thanks to Kiwi Collection for inviting me to participate along side a group of such talented bloggers. I had a blast!


  1. Thanks!

  2. ありがとう~!

  3. awww, congrats, enjoy the vacation 🙂

  4. thanks Sun – appreciate it!

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