Graphic designer Bunpei Yorifuji, the mastermind behind Tokyo Metro’s highly popular manner posters, has relaunched his website. All his previous work, which was, prior to the relaunch,unavailable, is now neatly archived by year. Searching through the treasure trove of graphic design-goodness you will find, among other gems, this great series of infographics summarizing statistics from 20th century Japan (and the world).

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They were done for Wired Magazine (JP version) in 1998 with the aim of displaying charts and statistics in humorous, entertaining light.

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I was especially amused by the idea of conveying population growth by shrinking the planet. I also got a kick out of showing Japan’s CO2 emmissions by enlarging (and evolving) the exhaust pipe on a bosozoku-style car.

national burden rate (tax + social security)