MY ONGOING SOFA SEARCH has led me to an unexpected place; urban outfitters. I’m not sure how I ended up there but it probably had something to do with UO’s affluent older sister, Anthropologie because I have an uncontrolled fetish when it comes to their furniture! Anyway, I was surprised to find some very stylish AND affordable sofas.

sofa1.jpg sofa2.jpg
Antoinette Fainting Sofa ($550)
I love the rounded back, as well as the color. This sofa pushes all the right buttons (pun intended! ;-))

sofa3.jpg sofa4.jpg
Mid-Century Sofa ($480)
The reason I like this sofa is because the mid-century inspired frame, paired with an ocerall contemporary sleekness, allows it to be mixed with any style of room.

table1.jpg table2.jpg
Mid-Century Coffee Table ($175)
Although emmiting slight aromas of IKEA, I still like it! I would pair it with the Antoinette Sofa at the top!