New Illustrations of the Ghibli Theme Park, Set to Open in Fall 2022

The Ghibli theme park will be divided into multiple areas. It is scheduled to open in phases beginning in 2022

Back in 2017 we reported that Studio Ghibli and Aichi Prefecture had reached an agreement to host Ghibli Park, a large-scale Ghibli-themed amusement park that would be the first of its kind. The plans called for the Aichi Memorial Park, a former expo site that had previously hosted several Ghibli exhibitions, to be renovated into Ghibli Park. We now have substantial details about the park, which will open in several phases with the first phase being November 1, 2022!

What we know so far is that the park will be separated into 5 main areas, with each area being assigned special themes and Ghibli movies. Below are the 5 areas. Note that translations are not official. The park was originally scheduled to open in late 2020, but that date was pushed back and split into multiple phases.

Area 1: Seishun no oka “the hill of youth” (Opening Nov. 2022)

This area will act as the main gate and will include buildings in the style of 19th century science fiction architecture, reminiscent of Howl’s Moving Castle. The area will also utilize the land’s elevation to recreate the Chikyuya farmhouse from the film, Whisper of the Heart.

Area 1: Seishun no oka (the hill of youth)

Area 2: Ghibli daisoko “Ghibli Warehouse” (Opening Nov. 2022)

This indoor facility will be built inside an old enclosed heated swimming pool and can be enjoyed year-round, regardless of the weather. As the name implies, it will be home to exhibitions, film screenings and all sorts of memorabilia. If the illustrations prove accurate, this could be a really cool spot.

Area 2: Ghibli daisoko (Ghibli Warehouse)

the planned layout for the Ghibli Warehouse

Area 3: Mononoke no sato “Mononoke Village” (Opening Nov. 2023)

Located in the Northern part of the park and surrounded by greenery will be a section dedicated to the film Princess Mononoke. A replica of the Tataraba irontown will be the main attraction, complimented by sculptures of some of the fantastical beasts like Tatari-gami demon and the Okkoto-nushi boar god.

Area 3: Mononoke no sato (Mononoke Village)

Area 4: Majo no tani “Valley of the Witch” (Opening Nov. 2023)

This will be where the magic happens for fans of Kiki’s Delivery Service. A replica of the baker’s home, as well as Kiki’s childhood home, will be highlights. And in keeping with the magical theme, it will also have a replica of Howl’s moving castle. The opening date for this area had to be pushed back due to supply chain issues. Specifically, the designers are insisting on using a specific type of broadleaf hardwood to maintain the authenticity of the European-influenced designs.

Area 5: Dondoko mori “Dondoko Forest” (Nov. 2022)

Dondoko is the song that little Mei and her sister Satsuki sing to make the small seeds sprout and grow into a gigantic tree. Hence, this area will be dedicated to My Neighbor Totoro. Conveniently, it is already home to a replica of the farmhouse that the girls lived in. But the area will be expanded on to create a more immersive experience of the film.

this article was originally published in April 2018 but continues to get updated as new details emerge regarding the park.


  1. Whaaat? No nod to my most favorite “Spirited Away?” Where’s the bath-house! Where’s the street of ghostly vendors? Where are the animated soot-balls!!?? 😐

  2. Whaaat? No nod to my most favorite “Spirited Away?” Where’s the bath-house! Where’s the street of ghostly vendors? Where are the animated soot-balls!!??

  3. Lethe please calm down ok no need to post the same comment 19 times

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