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Preliminary results from the 2013 Good Design Awards were announced last week. I’ve stated how I feel about the awards (spoiler: they’re overly dispensed) many times in the past so I won’t bother you with that. Instead, I’m going to dive right in showcasing some of my favorites.

10-mikan 3

10-mikan 510-mikan 6

10-mikan 2

Ehime Prefecture is one of the largest producers of mikans in the country. Just 2nd to Wakayama, the Southern prefecture supplies Japan with roughly 20% of all their succulent supply. Their prefecture flower is that of the mikan and they even have their own state-funded mikan laboratory. But there’s a problem – the average age of mikan farmers are now over 65, meaning that they are a dying breed.

To appeal to a younger generation of consumers, but also potential producers, a local company unveiled a major overhaul of their visual identity. A collaboration between Upsetters Architects and Artless, the modern, simple and elegant new look was applied to their product linup, 10 Mikan, but also to their shop in Ehime.





this post is part of our review of the 2013 Good Design Awards. Click here to view the full series.


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  1. This is gorgeously well done – I have no words to describe how much I desire this product only by it’s presentation *.*

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