tokyo-1970-hosoe-eikoh-katsumi-watanabeEikoh Hose, ‘Simmon a Private Landscape’ (left) and Katsumi Watanabe, ‘Shinjukuguntoden’ (right)

“Photographs bear witness to a human choice being exercised in a given situation,” wrote John Berger. “A photograph is a result of the photographer’s decision that it is worth recording that this particular event or this particular object has been seen.” With that same spirit, a new exhibition Tokyo 1970, presents you with a glimpse into the many choices being exercised by 9 photographers capturing Tokyo between 1965 – 1975.

Curated by Akio Nagasawa, a publisher and expert on post-war Japanese photography, the exhibition is unique in its ability to showcase an intimate side of Tokyo through its inhabitants, rather than cityscapes. “The city of Tokyo is so large and complex,” says* Nagasawa. “Depending on the time period, circumstances or cultural background, you could be standing in the exact same spot yet still see something completely different.”

Tokyo 1970 is on display through October 29, 2013. The show is located on the 9th floor of the Armani/ Ginza Tower.

*quote translated by author.
warning: nsfw image at the bottom of this post

tokyo-1970-daiji-aritaDaiji Arita, ‘First Born’

tokyo-1970-issei-sudaIssei Suda, ‘Waga Tokyo 100′

tokyo-1970-masatoshi-naitoMasatoshi Naito, ‘Tokyo’

tokyo-1970-sawatari-hajimeHajime Sawatari, ‘Kinky’

tokyo-1970-yoshihiro-tatsukiYoshihiro Tatsuki, ‘Shitadashi tenshi’ (Angels with Tongues Sticking Out)

tokyo-1970-terayama-shujiShuji Teramaya, ‘Makafushijina kyakujin’ (The Mysterious Visitors)

Source: pingmag