Haroshi creates mosaic sculptures out of recycled skateboard decks

Haroshi - Apple

Discovering his love for skateboards as a young teen, Haroshi not only skates but also creates mosaic sculptures out of recycled skateboard decks. “To Haroshi, his art pieces are equal to his skateboards, and that means they are his life itself.”

Haroshi - Bear

Haroshi - Dunk

Haroshi uses a wood mosaic method similar to the method most Buddha statues in Japan are made. This method helps keep the statues light weight, minimizes wasted materials, and in Haroshi’s case making his art very “green.” He also incorporates a tradition by putting a piece of metal from the original skate board into the center hollow of the sculpture; creating its “soul.” The famous Buddha sculptor “Unkei” (12th century) is said to have put a crystal into where the heart of Buddha would be.

In this video below, Haroshi discusses his latest collaboration with pro skater Keith Hufnagel.

Haroshi - Dog

Source: Haroshi | Haroshi (Facebook)

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  1. These are unbelievable, especially the Nike one. It’s so detailed. I can really sense the happy expression on the dog. Thanks for this, especially the video! They seem like the creations could last many years! Possibly a hundred theyre that preserved looking. Well, maybe not the shredded portion of the dog.

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