A descendant of samurai-era Bizen sword makers-turned-Buddhist priests, Miya Ando, is a Japanese American who resides in Brooklyn (Yay!). She carries on her family’s heritage by primarily working with steel, and with a very minimal aesthetic. Right now she is in Germany, preparing for her first Berlin show at Dam Stuhltrager Gallery (from February 20 to March 20.)

In addition to her series of wall works on 14 gauge mild steel panels, she will be showing Hikari Cube, an interactive piece that was conceived in collaboration with software artist James George.  Designed to look like a steel cube, their sculpture has a hidden motion detector able to ‘hear’ when a person is approaching- which then mimics normal breathing patterns via a light which is transmitted through the cube.

Below is a demo of the Hikari Cube

Hikari Cube from James George on Vimeo.