Hisashi Narita at Gallery YORI


This sounds really interesting and perhaps worth a trip. Shiseido Art Director by day and installation artist by night, Hisashi Narita (aka Cue-chan) will be holding a show at Gallery Yori between December 12 – 27. Narita primarily uses textiles in his work and his previous shows, “Bedroom Exhibition” and “Ishoku” (both 2008) were both highly tactile and  engaged the viewers in a dialogue concerning clothing as costume.

His upcoming show is curiously titled “My Closet Only Opens Once Every 2 Years.” There’s not much information available on the gallery website but here is what the invite looks like.

PS this may sound kind of shallow, but I like it when artists put a little thought into the title of their exhibition.


  1. Not shallow. I think the title is very important

  2. Not shallow. I think the title is very important

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