Fans of Kino’s Journey, the Japanese novel series about a girl who travels through mystical lands with her talking motorcycle Hermes, will be delighted to know that we are one step closer to getting our own personal Hermes.

In a global debut at CES, which is currently taking place at Las Vegas, Japanese automaker Honda has unveiled a motorcycle that leverages the company’s robotics technology to self-balance and respond to its owner.

Called “Riding Assist” technology, the motorcycle can balance itself while the owner sits atop (which can prevent some very embarrassing mishaps that could potentially strip the rider of all motorcycle street-cred). But it can also balance itself even while standing alone. And according to the promotional movie, it responds to its owner and can follow behind at a slow, walking pace.

Now if it could respond to a whistle, I’d be sold.

Kino and Hermes from “Kino’s Journey”