House on Awaji Island by IZUE Architects


Awaji Island, located in the Seto Inland Sea of Japan, is renowned for its bountiful flowers, sandy beaches, and aromatic incense. The island boasts relaxing hot springs, sandy beaches, the world’s longest suspension bridge, and a fish market where you can stop and nibble on delectably fresh octopus dumplings. Who wouldn’t want to live on this island paradise?


This attractive two story home offers inhabitants plenty of natural light, filtered through the slatted walls. Izue architects designed the house in a style that seems to waver between cubist structure and elegant minimalism.

Thinking about ways to filter the island’s gorgeous light throughout the house, the IZUE architecture firm, powered by three talented architects, decided to construct the perfect island getaway, designed for a small family. Angled timber slats and large glass doors allow just enough light inside, so that natural and artificial light find a perfect balance within the house. Slatted facades, geometric skylights, and amazing views onto the ocean assures peace of mind about a small carbon footprint to the lucky family that gets to live in this little tropical retreat.

Just imagine walking through the sleek minimal kitchen, up the stairs to the second floor of this two bedroom house, and opening a sparkling glass door onto a wooden deck looking over the ocean.


Rising well above the treetops, a wide open balcony offers residents a stunning view of the Seto Inland Sea and the Akashi port.


The balcony is just beyond the kitchen, and at a distance, provides a splendid snapshot of the sea.



Skylights diffuses the light into the house, and makes the space seem more expansive and welcoming.


Fun Fact: Izue’s talented architects boast skills including Japanese flower arrangement, noh theatre, and graphic design.


Just imagine living in this house, with the gently roiling ocean lapping at the beach a stone’s throw from your back door.

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  1. Simple but elegant…
    A touch of art work will bring the structure alive…
    Jason @ Macuha Art Gallery

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