This new work by Kyoto-based architect firm Alphaville is really taking the concept of site-specific architecture to the extreme. As you may know, land is scarce in Japan. And with about 73% of that land being mountainous, people will do anything to make use of even the most oddly shaped land. (Unless they enjoy living on the side of mountain.) And so House Twisted was born. The structure actually makes a lot of sense. The twists not only result in an additional outdoor yard space, it also allows for ceiling windows to let a ton of natural light in.

I think it’s beautiful in it’s reflection of movement and human activity.
But I bet the neighbors hate it.


UPDATE | Feb 10, 2009
House Twisted has won the Osaka Gas special prize in Environmentally-Friendly Home Design Award

UPDATE | May 17, 2009
House Twisted won the Hiše Award 09 for Innovative Excellence in Private Housing.