Remember the sneak peaks of the new hot bath, I ♥ Yu, by visionary Japanese artist Ohtake Shinro? Well the bath house has officially opened their spigots. And they have a website, with images that look just as eccentric as the artist himself, to prove it. As I mentioned earlier, They hired graf for the architectural component and botanical artist Makoto Azuma as the landscape designer. And it has shaped up to be one hell of a hot bath!




I’ve devoted quite a few posts (see relateds below) to Naoshima and its surrounding islands. This is because I believe that with the Chichu Art Museum in 2004 and now the recent openings of the Inujima Art Project and the I ♥ Yu hot bath, this region has positioned itself to become the next innovative arts community in Japan. Artists will continue to flock to these islands and we will hopefully see some very unique and interesting work. (They also have a strong corporate backing, which helps.)