Imagine Finding Me | Chino Otsuka Superimposes Her Adult Self Into Childhood Photos


Imagine Finding Me 1976 and 2005, Kamakura, Japan | click to enlarge

Vintage photos of a mother and her daughter? Not exactly.

I have a chance to meet,
there is so much I want to ask
and so much I want to tell

Thus with those poetic words Chino Otsuka introduces her series Imagine Finding Me, in which she seamlessly superimposes her adult self into her childhood photos. The result is a poignant 30-year journey through time in which Otsuka revisits her adolescent self, before she moved to the U.K. from Tokyo at the age of 10.

“One day, I was going through one of my family albums and came upon this image of myself at the beach and thought ‘What if I could go back to the same place and stand next to her?’” says Otsuka in an interview, speaking about the origin of the series. “I’m very much interested in this idea of remembering as mental time travel and fascinated with this idea that in our minds we can travel through time, revisit any point in your life.”


Some shots are more intimate, with Otsuka reenacting what she did as a child. Whereas others are more distant; as if adult Otsuka is a mere glimmer from the future, here to make sure everything is okay.








source: sploid


  1. Haunting.

  2. What an amazing idea and execution

  3. A beautifully-executed project!

  4. Wow! What a great idea! And you did such a wonderful job composing the two together! Good job!

  5. She should do it again, with these same images, when she’s 60 so there are 3 generations present…

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