32_inrou-1Photos courtesy of Boisbuchet

In ancient times Japanese garments lacked pockets so valuables like medicines or trinkets were carried in inrou (印籠), small carrying cases that were suspended by string. In other words, it was the samurai’s answer to our modern day satchel, or backpack. Continuing their exploration into merging Japanese and Portuguese tradition, designer duo Ryosuke Fukusada and Rui Pereira have created INROU, a backpack modeled after the Portuguese ‘tarro’ ( a cork container used in the south of Portugal to preserve food). But instead of holding medicine or trinkets, INROU is designed to hold our most contemporary valuable: our laptop.



This project was developed for ‘The future of cork applications competition’ promoted by Corticeira AMORIM and Domaine the Boisbuchet.




Source: Rui Pereira