Japanese Fisherman Trading Cards are Getting Kids Excited About the Fishery Industry

In December of last year a local government agency in Aomori prefecture set out to create a PR campaign that would boost the value and attractiveness of their fishery industry. They eventually landed on the idea of creating sets of trading cards featuring real-life fisherman, flexing in poses often featuring the fish they caught. The cards have become a huge hit among the local community and beyond with kids trying to collect different cards while also vying for rare cards.

According to one article, the cards are entirely handmade by Noriaki Kimura, a 32-year old government employee who single-handedly goes around asking local fisherman for permission to take their photographs. He then brings the photos back to his office, designs the card, makes prints and then cuts them into trading card sizes.

In December of 2019 they began distributing the cards at fish markets locally, but also trade shows around the country and sure enough they were an almost immediate hit.

There are currently about 60 types of cards on the market, featuring fishermen of all ages. Given the surprising popularity of the cards, especially among kids, the organizers hope they will help stem the decline in number of workers within the fishery industry.


  1. These are cool, but they’re missing the most famous Japanese fisherman of all time: NAGANO Makoto, one of only four people to achieve Kanzenseiha in Sasuke competition!

  2. Great idea. Fishery industry is such a dry topic for cards (or anything child related), and they amazingly did something cool, funny, and attracted kids, that will show their parents.

  3. Can these be ordered for shipment to the US? Very cool.

  4. I would like to buy some of these cards. Are they available in Hawaii, USA?

  5. Attractive to kids? I think older women might also enjoy collecting these handsome cards!

  6. Empty the tanks!

    November 24, 2020 at 6:17 am

    What about the unjustified killing of whales and the capture and slaughter of 20,000 dolphin every year in Taiji perpetrated by Japanese fisherman? That’s what the new generation should be made aware of and change this destructive behavior which has no more place in our society.

  7. How about the confinement and slaughter of billions of cows, pigs, and chicken? Or is it justified because they’re are considered less intelligent?

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