Unpis is the nom de plume of a Japanese illustrator hailing from Fukushima prefecture. The artist’s minimalist yet surreal illustrations, which deftly combine clean lines with a subtle sense of humor, have earned her fans from all around the world. Now, she’s releasing her first compilation titled “Discover.”

Unpis’ illustrations are often inspired from real life moments that easily go unnoticed, or are overlooked: shadows, reflections and refractions. Their surreal magic lies in their simplistic compositions that make you stare and observe them longer than you initially thought you would.

Her upcoming book is filled with roughly 130 works that are a mix of her own original creations, as well as client work she’s done for brands, magazines and others who have been drawn to her lovely creations. Discover will go on sale November 9, 2021 but is available for pre-order. You can also keep up with Unpis on Instagram and Twitter.