all photos by Keizo Kioku | courtesy Anomaly

Japanese artist Kei Imazu, who is based in Indonesia, is currently wrapping up a large-scale exhibition at the Anomaly gallery in Tokyo. Along with numerous large-scale paintings is a time-based work that depicts the devastating impact that industry is having on earth’s ecosystem.

A mechanism moves along a temporal axis, its movements dictated by the organic currents of an oil palm tree. A separate brush moves along the axis, brushing and caressing the canvas as it smudges and erases the greenery.

The artwork is based on actual data showing that the Indonesia’s Sumatra, Kalimantan and Papua rain forests, all of which are vital to the earth’s ecosystem, are being destroyed at an alarming rate to make way for palm oil plantations.

The exhibition closes today (November 7, 2021) but you can see more photos from it on the gallery’s website, or on the artist’s Instagram account.

Click through to the 5th image, which shows video of the artwork in action: