Prepare Yourselves For the Full Hello Kitty Train Experience

Beginning on November 1, 2018, Tokyo-based railway operator Keio Corporation will begin rolling out trains on the Keio Line, as well as the Toei Shinjuku Line, that are fully decked-out in Hello Kitty. That means full-on pink, rainbows, flowers, and of course all your favorite Hello Kitty characters will adorn the exterior of the trains. They’ve even created custom-designed Hello Kitty caution stickers to be adhered to the doors.

Straphangers will be able to ride all around Tokyo in adorably cute train cars. The design overhaul (PDF) is part of a broader agreement between the railway operator and Sanrio Entertainment, who owns the rights to Hello Kitty, along with Sanrio Puroland, the mecca of Hello Kitty that’s accessible via the Keio Line. Both companies hope that the new trains will boost ridership, as well as attendance to Puroland, which is just steps from the Keio Tama Center train station.

Caution! Mind the cute closing doors

Speaking of Keio Tama Center, the train station has got its own Hello Kitty facelift about two years ago. The entire station is adorned with Hello Kitty – everything from the signage and seating to the clocks and ceiling art. The new Hello Kitty trains will begin operating on November 1, which is the birthday of – you guessed it – Hello Kitty.

ceiling art within the Keio Tama Center train station

the designated waiting area

the train station clock

platform signage

signage introducing the train station staff

name badges


  1. very nice … i’d also like to see the great woodcut artists re-cycled on public transport more often

  2. Will all train within tokyo under keio line got this hello kitty train? Lets say from shinjuku to setagaya?

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